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Rodolfi Mansueto SpA was founded in 1896 in the province of Parma; it is one of the oldest Italian processing industries of tomato and its derivatives, such as concentrates, pulps, purées, sauces and tomato powder. The leading brands are Ortolina (retail sector), Ardita and Alpino (food service sector). In 2013 Rodolfi acquired Van Felten, extending its production to dried vegetables, spray dry powders and semi-finished products for confectionery. The company has three production plants (Ozzano Taro, Castelguelfo and Parma) where it processes over 200,000 tons of fresh tomatoes a year. The export share is around 40%.


Following the acquisition of the Von Felten company, and with the growing traceability regulations imposed by the food sector, Rodolfi Mansueto was looking for a specific ERP solution for the food industry, which would allow the complete management of company processes, traceability and production costs so as to obtain a product margin as accurate as possible.


Rodolfi Mansueto has chosen to invest in the EOS Solutions project that integrates Microsoft Dynamics ERP with the FoodSuite vertical solution.

Most of the information flows are now managed entirely in Dynamics ERP: from Order Management processes, which guarantee efficiency in commercial relations with national GDO and foreign partners, to the support of the large network of agents, who interact with the management system through a native web portal in Microsoft Dynamics, up to the advanced management of the treasurer integrated with DocFinance.

The flexibility of the system has made possible a diversified production and warehouse management by factory; to support the warehouse and labeling traceability processes, a Label Management System integrated with Dynamics was introduced. Moreover, wifi terminals are used to detect consumption and for warehouse picking.

The reporting was entirely managed through the implementation of Microsoft Power BI, a family of business analysis tools that allow the creation of customized dashboards.


The most significant advantages obtained by Rodolfi are the complete integration of company processes / areas and the reduction of time and costs in the passive cycle and consequently of warehouse costs.

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