EOS Solutions for sport

Social responsibility and sponsorships

EOS Solutions sports sponsorships

EOS Solutions Group believes in sports sponsorships that enrich the corporate world with the values of sport.

Values ​and passion that drive team managers, as well as young players, are the same that EOS Solutions applies every day in the development and implementation of projects for its customers. As in sports, in everyday business activities factors as teamwork, respect, overcoming difficulties and achieving big goals are critical to the success of the whole team.

This is why Eos Solutions has signed sponsorship agreements with Rugby Bologna, one of the oldest Rugby teams in Italy, and the Baseball Club Pool 77 team of Bolzano. At the end of 2020, EOS signed also an agreement for the sponsorship of STS VOLLEY (Sport Team Sudtirol Volley), a volleyball association founded in Bolzano in 2010.

By signing these sponsorship agreements, EOS Solutions actively supports youth and sport, since investing in the younger generations and in large projects has always been the spirit of the group.

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