Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Effective Marketing with Dynamics 365 CRM. Integrated management of leads and campaigns.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Marketing?

Optimize your marketing activities with the familiar and intelligent features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM's dedicated Marketing solution. Take advantage of flexible segmentation tools, intuitive campaign management functions, reliable workflows, and insightful data analysis. Make your marketing activities accurate and effective.

United with Microsoft Office

Typical Microsoft Office features such as export/import to Excel, real-time data filtering, and contextual ribbons increase productivity.

Improved data management

Import procedures and data cleaning features simplify data import and improve data quality.

Centralized document management

Full document management functionalities help speed the creation of marketing plans, campaign materials, and other documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Use of Outlook

Increase efficiency by centrally managing e-mail, appointments, tasks, contacts, and customer information with the familiar Microsoft Outlook application.

Better cooperation

CRM solution functions and tools for real-time communication support and incentivize collaboration within teams.

Mobile working

Mobile CRM features allow access to campaign data, marketing budgets and other information at any time.

A perfect collaboration with Dynamics 365

With direct integration with Dynamics 365 Sales and business intelligence, Dynamics 365 Marketing supports information sharing between departments and helps employees implement targeted actions that turn prospects into customers.


Leads identification and management

  • Import leads from LinkedIn directly into Dynamics 365.
  • Get a 360-degree view of each customer and up-to-date information through centralized data management and related processes.
  • Increase efficiency through automated and intelligent workflows.
  • Prioritize your most frequent customers using lead assessment models and metrics.
  • Use familiar Office 365 tools and increase productivity.

Cooperation between marketing and sales

  • Connect sales and marketing processes to improve collaboration and automate tracking.
  • Manage multichannel marketing campaigns and generate leads.
  • Customize customer experiences and events directly in Dynamics 365 with templates that can be configured and with design tools.
  • Interact with customers through all social media.

Strong decisions

  • Benefit from detailed customer interactions analysis.
  • Measure marketing campaign results with configurable dashboards and real-time Power BI analytics.
  • Carry out online surveys using Dynamics 365 to better understand customer needs and wishes.
  • Get information about competitors through social media analysis.

Advanced customization

  • Customize easily Dynamics 365 Marketing to your business needs and create web applications using editors and tools that don't require programming.
  • Automated processes by connecting with all Dynamics 365 applications and third-party systems.
  • Use artificial intelligence to promote innovation.

Optimal marketing support

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketing team has strategic information and accurate measurements. In addition, the CRM solution's simple campaign management facilitates day-to-day work and ensures maximum transparency. Finally, Marketing team gains valuable time by using customized templates.

Quick campaigns

Sales and marketing teams can create template-based campaigns. These quick campaigns can be easily created in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accurate segmentation

Identify prospects and instantly create targeted marketing lists using segmentation tools and conditional formatting rules.

Simplified communication

Dynamics 365's print and mail merge capabilities and email templates simplify communication. With designer drag & drop you can create eye-catching emails quickly and easily, using professional and customizable templates.

Lifecycle campaign management

Budget, activities, metrics, and marketing materials can be defined and monitored throughout the lifecycle of a campaign.

Smart lead management

Rate your marketing activities success and apply what you've learned to future initiatives using automated lead evaluation templates; prioritize leads using multiple evaluation templates and redirect leads to the appropriate point of contact with a single mouse click.

Continuous results monitoring

Monitor campaign results easily and convert email replies into leads or opportunities with the click of a mouse.

Real-time information

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and calculate ROI of marketing activities with real-time dashboards and ready-to-use reports in Dynamics 365.

Full goals management

Compare your ultimate goals immediately, such as lead generation and conversion and return rates with your predefined goals.

Permission Marketing

Simplify permission marketing activities by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically track consents (opt-in / opt-out) and lead acquisition from the Internet.

Integrated event management

Organize your events, such as webinars, using Dynamics 365 and benefit from full support, planning and budgeting, registration of subscribers, lead generation, and ROI analysis. And from a powerful online portal for your customers as well.

Online surveys

Use online surveys to identify your customers' needs and measure the results directly in the CRM solution with the help of intelligent machine learning strategies.

Landing Page

Create landing pages and Web pages with Dynamics 365's drag & drop graphic content designer, without writing a line of code, in order to bring visitors to your site and to convert them into contacts or leads. Integrate images, links and forms and use the generated data for in-depth analysis.

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