Cloud Services - Azure & Microsoft 365

Your company's Digital Transformation starts with Azure and Microsoft 365.

Press on the digital accelerator to create opportunities, business and growth.

Discover the services that EOS Solutions dedicates to the digitalization of your company, with a focus on Azure, the cloud platform that enables the digital transformation, and Microsoft 365, the new offer that includes Office 365 and Windows 10 to guarantee the best in productivity and security.

The EOS Azure & Modern Workplace team follows you through all the phases of the project to implement cloud solutions to support your business: from the adoption of the Microsoft cloud platform to the diagnostics of current systems to guide your company in the transformation from on prem to on cloud solutions; from the migration of mail and documents to the technological upgrade.

Systems Diagnostics

Advanced configuration of delivery services in Azure

Mail and document migration solutions and services

Technology Update

Upgrade all company PCs, in and out of the office

Are you worried that updating all your company PCs, if handled with traditional techniques, could become a nightmare for both IT staff and users? And what about all the users who rarely return to the office? You have Microsoft 365 on your side!

Protect PCs from theft, malware, ransomware and other threats

Has your PC been stolen? Did someone at your company open an email with a CryptoLocker? You have Microsoft Azure and the Advanced Threat Protection service on your side!

Manage business growth and the impact on collaboration and datacenters

Is your business growing? Do you need to share information across multiple locations? Is the Datacenter not growing as fast as it should? You have Azure Virtual Machine and Microsoft Teams, the information hub for teamwork, on your side!

Secure access to data and files, protect against email deletion

Have you opened a new job and the customer asks you to protect data access with a double factor system? Do you need to make Excel files unreadable after a certain date? Do you need to keep copies of emails sent and received for possible legal disputes? You have Microsoft Office 365 services - Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and eDiscovery - on your side!

Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Does your marketing department want to automate customer support on your site with a BOT? Do you want to enrich the customer experience, in stores as well as at the front desk, with facial recognition? Do you often work with customers abroad and are looking for a "universal translation" solution? You have Azure Cognitive Services on your side!

Bring your ERP system to the cloud and lower initial costs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is also available online on Azure, allowing companies to enjoy the solution while lowering upfront costs, thanks to the subscription-based licensing model and the ability to eliminate physical infrastructure.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that provides numerous services such as SQL databases, cognitive and machine learning services.

With Azure, businesses get the benefits of a flexible cloud infrastructure that can be quickly adapted to individual needs and eliminates the need to manage their own IT infrastructure. With Azure, costs rise and fall as needed. If the business expands, costs will increase, but if it is downsized, costs will decrease. Also, if you need to increase capacity very quickly, Azure's cloud-based services reduce the complexity of the operation.

Azure allows you to deploy a cloud-based ERP solution without sacrificing all the customizations and verticals specific to your company's needs. Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV users can configure a cloud active directory that authenticates users into the ERP system, ensuring data is protected in the cloud. The system can be installed on a virtual machine using Azure SQL databases, which can easily scale as needed.

The future of cloud computing


Over 250 services


More than 60 data center regions worldwide


Availability up to 99.9

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