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Microsoft Modern Workplace

EOS Solutions, as a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, has proven its ability to help customers increase productivity and make the transition to hybrid work, using Microsoft 365 and the cloud Azure. Now we want to put our skills at your service, to help you plan next steps toward migration projects, security integration and resource optimization.


Azure & Modern Workplace team of EOS aims at bringing customers to the cloud consciously, securely and affordably.
In fact, Microsoft 365, with the support of EOS solutions and the Azure cloud, allows you to do more with less.

EOS Azure & Modern Workplace at a glance...

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 solutions help companies to make their processes digital and be productive and secure anywhere


EOS helps you with the transition to hybrid work. The 3 pillars of our collaboration solutions are: people, places and processes


The aim of the training plan is to provide participants with methodological, technical and functional knowledge related to the solution of Microsoft 365

Cloud security

With flexible working, the number of devices connecting to the company network is increasing. And the risks of cyber attacks are growing accordingly. We help you plan the adoption of cloud security solutions through our Assessments, designed in partnership with Microsoft.


Global economic pressures are forcing companies to reduce costs and optimize operations as they continue to migrate to a hybrid work system. With our assessments, we help identify cost-saving factors while making added value

Cloud transformation

We help you plan your transition to the cloud with our Assessments, designed in partnership with Microsoft: file server and database migration, Active Directory infrastructure extension, legacy application platforms - these are just some of the opportunities that cloud migration can provide

Increase productivity safely wherever you are

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the all-in-one solution for companies that want to digitize their processes and increase productivity anywhere. Thanks to its flexibility, Microsoft 365 allows all Microsoft Office apps to be used conveniently from the cloud and to be integrated with EOS solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Teams is one of the core features of Microsoft 365, allowing you to hold online meetings, make calls, chat, share files, and collaborate in real time with your team, wherever you are.

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But security is equally important for businesses, and Microsoft 365 offers advanced solutions to protect your systems from malware, viruses, phishing attempts, ransomware, junk mail and other cyber threats.

Whether you are trying to improve your team's productivity or protect your sensitive data, Microsoft 365 is the right solution for you. Contact us for more information on how Microsoft 365 can help your business grow.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent

people, places and processes


Are you looking for innovative solutions for company collaboration? EOS Solutions helps you with the transition to hybrid work by providing a 360-degree approach based on three key pillars: People, Places and Processes.

As for People, we know that hybrid work is now inevitable. However, it is not enough to introduce flexibility into the company: it is important to create a corporate culture that enables hybrid work and motivates all managers to follow its practices. The landmark for employees must be active and an effective system must be made available to support and listen to employees' needs. In addition, it is important to prevent from digital burnout by ensuring ongoing training and opportunities for professional growth

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As for Places, we want to help you bring people safely back to the workplace and make environments suitable also for people who are not physically present in the office. With our smart cloud-based solutions, you can transform your physical spaces into smart environments that support hybrid work and increase productivity.

Finally, as for Processes, our experts will help you use Microsoft Teams to transform your business and move everything to the cloud quickly and securely. Together, we will digitize every business process, from management to sales, and ensure seamless security management from the customer stage to the cloud.

Improve your skills


Continuous training is one of the fundamental elements for a company's success, and EOS Solutions knows this well. For this reason, we provide classroom training courses with the help of experienced, qualified and subject-matter specialized resources, which will enable you to obtain methodological, technical and functional notions related to the Microsoft 365 solution.

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Our training plan is designed to provide you with all the skills you need to make the most of Microsoft 365, a tool more and more used by companies around the world.

Thanks to our proven one-to-many methodology, you can participate in classroom training with highly qualified trainers who will help you understand all the features of Microsoft 365 and develop your practical skills with hands-on exercises, which are done in groups (hands-on-labs).

Whether you are a manager looking for innovative solutions for your team or an employee who wants to improve their skills, our training courses will help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our training offerings and course availability.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent

a modern and integrated security platform

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses, especially in a flexible and ever-changing business environment. The number of devices connecting to the corporate network is constantly increasing, and with them the risks of cyber attacks are also growing. In fact, most IT security threats derive from flaws in the protection of the devices used in the company.

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Running a business securely and effectively requires a modern and integrated security platform. Microsoft 365 offers a unique experience that makes hybrid work easier and smarter for employees, enabling them to do more with less. In addition, Microsoft 365 provides a solid foundation for a zero-trust security strategy that helps reduce security breaches and their impact.

Microsoft security solutions help optimize cybersecurity investments by ensuring an effective level of protection for all company devices that can connect to the Internet. Specifically, Microsoft Defender is an advanced and easy-to-use security solution that provides endpoint security across all platforms, including iOS, Mac and Android, rules to keep devices, data and users safe, web filtering to block risky content and websites, and continuous real-time monitoring to detect and prevent threats.

To help you plan the adoption of these solutions, we provide Assessments designed in partnership with Microsoft that allow you to identify areas for improvement and priorities for implementing cybersecurity solutions. With EOS Solutions and Microsoft, you can be ensured that you have a reliable and effective security platform that protects your business in a fully integrated manner.

Let's assess the health of your systems together


EOS Solutions in collaboration with Microsoft offers a full range of assessments, through which you will benefit from objective results, recommendations and guidance on actionable steps for digital transformation, migration to the cloud and ICT process improvement. Assessment activities involve both Microsoft and EOS Solutions resources.

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  • Application and Database Modernization: identify priorities for migrating applications and databases towards the cloud.
  • Assessment Modern Workspace: deeply understand Microsoft Cloud solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs and optimize investments.
  • Cloud Security: identify and prioritize the consolidation of IT infrastructure and its migration to secure and effective cloud solutions.
  • Data and Infrastructure: optimize servers, manage data center workloads, improve application investments, and provide migration scenarios to Azure VMs.
  • Lighthouse and software inventory: analyze tenant status, security, data protection, purchases, and subscribed products.

Our assessments provide objective results, recommendations and guidance on actionable steps for digital transformation and migration to the cloud. Using the power of advanced Business Intelligence, we help clients identify cost-saving factors and realize added value for their business. Find out how we can help your company achieve its digital transformation goals with our customized assessments.

Assessment: why should you do it?

Assessment activities in Cloud and Modern Workplace are carried out for the following reasons:

  • Collect objective data about the level of security and efficiency of information systems
  • Verify through Microsoft tools what is the adoption of MS365 solutions and their proper configuration

Assessment: what results does it provide?

It provides a first high-level view of:

  • The adoption and health status of systems
  • The level of obsolescence of software tools (Operating Systems and SQL environments)
  • A first shared outline of the activities to be undertaken
EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent

We plan the transition to the Cloud

Cloud transformation

Transform your business by migrating to the cloud. With our Cloud Transformation services, we help you migrate your file servers and databases, extend your Active Directory infrastructure, and migrate your legacy application platforms. Cloud migration offers you great opportunities to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business.

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We give you a complete support in planning and implementing your transition to the cloud. Thanks to our assessments, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, you will get a full overview of your IT infrastructure, your needs, and the opportunities given by migrating to the cloud.

Don't waste time and contact us to find out how Cloud Transformation can help your business become more competitive, efficient and secure.

Do you want to make your business more secure, sustainable and efficient?