The new generation of intelligent business applications.

CRM is a precious resource which can help the company to grow in a more efficient way, being more productive and to identify the potential threats before they can become real problems. Dynamics 365, which integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities, represents the next generation of intelligent business applications and enables to make a breakthrough in the customer relationship management.

To accelerate your company digital transformation, you need a new type of business application. Something that breaks down stagnant compartments between CRM and ERP, which can be enhanced by data and intelligent functionalities and that can help you to catch new business opportunities. Dynamics 365 business applications pass from monolithic systems, divided into stagnant compartments to modular ecosystems, composed by apps and artificial intelligence, with common and interconnected data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 focuses on technological trends as Cloud computing, mobility and social networking and big data management in order to help you to reach your sales goals, to manage in a better way marketing activities and services offered to customers.

Created to redefine modality of interaction between companies and customers, Microsoft CRM solutions are focused on people. Dynamics 365 enables to have access to your data on a wide range of devices, thanks to a navigation system optimized for touch device. It offers a new user experience which offers relevant data for your job and information, helping people to know deeply customers and their needs. It includes also advanced functionalities of social collaboration, to get in touch with people and the most appropriate resources.

Our ON-PREMISE and ON-CLOUD CRM solutions include...

Microsoft Dynamics 365: intelligent business applications

4 CRM benefits with Dynamics 365:

  • the integrated functionalities for sales, marketing and customer service have no equal on the market
  • Office 365 integrates itself easily with dynamics 365… and productivity is spiking
  • Better report and business data analysis functionalities = better decisions
  • It is a scalable platform

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