ERP solutions for wholesalers

Improve order management even as you reduce both margins of error and time frames

Transform the complex nature of the wholesale market into an opportunity. Integrated management software, capable of moving beyond the functionalities of traditional systems, can increase both efficiency and production, cut costs, and bring a significant competitive advantage to any firm.

The development of new sales and distribution channels, globalization, shifting client demands, compliance issues. These are only some of the issues facing the wholesale sector in today’s marketplace.

Reduced profit margins and higher overstock costs make financial monitoring fundamental. Companies in the wholesale sector, in addition, if they intend to stay competitive, must ground their approach in new production modes such as global procurement and supply, cross-selling, and innovative technological solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics guarantees wholesalers solutions for the management of every aspect of their business in addition to rapid and convenient implementation.

With EOS Solutions’ support in implementing Microsoft Dynamics, firms in the wholesale sector can improve order management, increase employee efficiency, and drastically reduce both errors and time. Data automation optimizes warehouse management, simplifies stock and inventory monitoring, and offers total production visibility. The result is the elimination of manual activities and, consequently, a savings of both time and money. In addition, RFID and EPC code technologies facilitate and ensure regulatory compliance and give wholesalers the ability to respond to the demands of the world’s largest retailers.

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