ZIPPERLE: Trasformazione Digitale di Successo con EOS Solutions e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

About us

Since 1951 the company Hans Zipperle s.p.a. has been producing fruit purees and concentrates for semi-finished products that are sold worldwide. It also supplies the regional market with fruit juices.

By adopting the most advanced processing lines, Zipperle is able to manage all stages of the process, including product storage and shipment. And always ensuring high quality standards.

Over 200 employees
180.000 t of fruits
65 MM lt storage capacity
1038 tanks
20.000 sqm of cellars and warehouses


From the very beginning, the keyword of Zipperle management has been "Digital Innovation!"

The transformation process, which began with the adoption of software to maintain storage facilities, was accomplished through the digital renovation of other strategic areas such as sales, purchasing, accounting and logistics.

Particularly, Zipperle needed a flexible management solution capable of being integrated with some departmental administrative and business software, and of incorporating continuous fiscal as well as technological updates.

The Solution

The adopted solution has allowed to take advantage of the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with the EOS developed modules. As well as to consolidate maintenance processes, to integrate the new solutions to existing software and to make the change gradual and sustainable.

Thanks to EOS know-how in the industry, the solution has been enriched with features and apps such as:

  • Plant Maintenance: the solution dedicated to plant maintenance.
  • Finance kit: App that analyzes sales and purchase history, and allows the sales force to send invoices and credit notes to the system.
  • Logistics: logistics management has been integrated into Business Central.
  • Spare Parts Warehouse: this allows for example the verification and stock control of spare parts directly in Business Central.
  • App EDS: workflows from different departments have been integrated into Business Central through the EDS App, which allows workflows to be managed easily, quickly and safely.

Client Information

Fruit juices and semi-finished products (purees, juices, concentrates)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
+ EOS Apps Ecosystem


The progressive integration of management software and the collaboration of departmental software with EOS Solutions' Apps has allowed uniformity and standardization of processes, simplifying interaction and operations.

In addition, the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the integrated App ecosystem enables real-time data control to monitor the business and to make targeted decisions.

Most importantly, the move to Business Central management software, which is always up-to-date and subject to continuous technological updating by Microsoft and EOS Solutions, ensures that the company's solutions and systems are always up-to-date and in step with technological advances.

With EOS Solutions, we have found the ultimate partner to make our Digital Transformation come to life.

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