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Vetroelite is a laboratory of ideas, creativity and trends in continuous evolution, to design, create and customize original, precious and unique glass packaging, to give a distinctive shape to the customers' product.

We take care of the customer, as well as the details of our bottles


Customer care is at the heart of Vetroelite's work. That's why, back in 2014, the company adopted Microsoft CRM, which is essential for strengthening the relationship and creating increasingly personalized projects. As the business grew, the need for more CRM solutions increased.

There was a need to bring order to the process that starts from the processing of a request to its realization, improving communication between the sales teams and the company and towards the customer, tracking each request and reducing the time needed to process and share information.

The solution

EOS Solutions proposed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. A really effective tool to streamline and customize the workflow of a project, thanks to the use of a Business Process Flow that guides the user through each phase of processing: from the opening of the request to the design, from the search for suppliers to the commercial processing of the offer. The solution has been integrated with the Microsoft 365 product portfolio to easily manage messages and reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Engagement)

Microsoft 365


With the new CRM solution, Vetroelite offers customers accurate and fast service, which has made it possible to automate tasks that previously had margins for error or to tailor responses to specific needs.

Now the company can evaluate results, analyze requests and activities to make correct strategic decisions.

From the brief to the final product: we follow the customer in every phase of the realization, always, with greater reactivity and precision.

Client Information

Customer care is an art.

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