About us

Vaber Industriale was founded in Turin in 1957 and it is specialized in the production of adhesives, sealants and special coatings for a variety of application areas.

Over the years, it has differentiated itself through competitiveness and professionalism, becoming a leader in the design of technologically advanced water-based solutions and products with low or reduced environmental impact.

60 employees
35 countries in the world
5 continents
65% of turnover in the domestic market
35% on the foreign one
100% Sustainable


In November 2018, the acquisition by Shamrock urged the company to take a decisive step toward digital transformation.

To push the accelerator was the need to share information with the group and increase user productivity.

The necessity for more control and better planning of the knowledge flow.

The requirment for a data certification process.

The mandatory requirement to bring the system in line with current "ADR" regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

In a few words: shifting up a gear that would allow the company to remain competitive in the marketplace.

The Solution

This was possible thanks to Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central. A single and articulated solution that can be personalized and is capable of managing easily a variety of activities: from the finance department to production, from sales to purchasing planning, from shipping to project management, and even to support.

It is integrated with Power WMS for RF terminal management throughout the production and logistics process. Completed with Power BI, the interactive and intelligent visualization system of all business data. And personalized with the Apps developed by EOS for the specific needs of companies. Dynamics 365 Business Central was the solution that gave new boost to the company.

Client Information

Adhesives, sealants and special coatings
Sito web
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
+ Power BI
+ EOS Apps Ecosystem


Thanks to Business Central, it was possible to restructure the entire management system. To introduce workflows, approvals, and notifications that increase control over the accuracy of procedures. To download and analyze management data in real time.

It was a bit like going from a Fiat 500 directly to a Bentley.

Marco Corcione, General Manager of Vaber Industriale

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