SIT - Società Italiana Tecnospazzole

About us

Società Italiana Tecnospazzole is a family business with an history spanning 5 generations. Leader in the production of industrial brushes, technical brushes and standard brushes for hardware and tools, in 2018 SIT celebrated 110 years of experience.

- More than 110 years of history
- 2 production sites
- More than 100 people employed
- More than 1000 orders per month

To create professional products capable of treating every surface at its best. To improve the experience through a better finish.


SIT needed a digital change to continue operating as a market leader. It was looking for a functional and integrable ERP software, also for the foreign companies of the group. Specifically it needed to integrate both technologically and functionally different areas of the company, improving the quality of management.

We were looking for a digital solution, but we found much more: a partner who guided us through the change.

The Solution

SIT had an urgent need to revamp the digitization system quickly and be up and running with the new solution within six months. In June 2020, the EOS Solutions team went straight to work and managed the entire project in smart working mode.

EOS designed a solution that integrates all business processes into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Not only that, thanks to EOS Solutions' app that integrates MES and Business Central, the management and control of the company's production system was improved.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Business Central)

EOS PowerSuite

EOS Apps


Today all company areas talk to each other and the control of production and warehouse is easier and updated.

The management of business processes has become more fluid both within the Italian headquarters and with foreign subsidiaries.

Moreover, the control systems have been developed with a pleasant "look & feel" very similar to that of Office tools.

- Real time monitoring of production
- Process improvement
- Warehouse always updated
- Dialogue with foreign offices

Client Information

The adoption of the Microsoft system made us immediately realize the transversal integration of every functionality, especially the analytical ones. This complete integration makes the data more reliable and usable in the formulation of analysis and strategies.


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