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Schenk Italian Wineries is one of the main wine producers at a national level. It was founded in 1952 in Reggio Emilia, and in 1960 moved to Ora (BZ) where the first wine cellar was born. Schenk Italian Wineries is committed to grant high quality standards, thanks to a staff composed by very professional agronomists and oenologists, a perpetual quality control certified every year by IFS and BRC and thanks to a team dedicated to new products search, tendencies and packaging. Experience, innovation and quality are the pivotal points of Schenk.


Schenk has decided to change the IT system in order to obtain benefits in different company areas and to integrate completely logistics, partners and customs with EAD shipping documents.
The production needed a major control, an integrated output management and a precise costs management. The warehouse was managed manually without barcode readers and all the operations were slow, late and with a lot of errors. The commercial management did not respect the market standards and the commission management were less flexible, and there was not a customer rewards management.


EOS solutions proposed Microsoft Dynamics ERP, integrated with the Nawino vertical and the EOS Platform and Bonus&Commissions apps. Through the use of EDI module, EOS has created interface with external logistics and to create EDI flow to manage goods for third parties.


Thanks to implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Schenk has optimized the planning and increased production thanks to a correct time setup. After the integration of the software wine cellar management (PROLAB) they have obtained a rapid information passage avoiding errors and duplication of the information in more systems as happened before.

Thanks to the integration with custom module, Schenk can manage that items and customer data without writing them a lot of times. Finally, it has been possibile to obtain MVV documents printing directly from NAV avoiding to request the fraud repressions office to obtain endorsed documents.

In a second phase of the project a fiscal cashier interface has been created in order to manage an internal shop and obtain a correct alignment of the warehouse and accounting in Business Central. Through a EOS module created for wineries companies, Schenk respected obligations imposed by the law computerizing wine registries.

Client Information

The Adaptability to constantly changing markets and the right balance between creativity and method are fundamental elements for a company success. The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics ERP has helped us to improve our procedures making them more suitable to follow the complexity of our market.

Marco Canal, Schenk CFO

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