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Rothoblaas is an Italian multinational company founded in the Alpine region, leader in the development and supply of high-tech products for the wood building industry.

Founded in 1991, Rothoblaas is a constantly growing company present in over 70 countries and operates with its own sales force in 90 markets.


With an extensive presence in markets around the world, Rothoblaas needed to provide agents with a fast, dynamic and customizable tool. A system capable of tracking visits to customers and prospects, enriching the data with visit reports, useful for management to develop business and sales strategies.

The company also needed to segment the information and filter the visibility of data between different agents. All of this needed to be translated into many languages in order to communicate with offices in different parts of the world.

The Solution

To meet such specific needs, Rothoblaas adopted a highly customized version of Dynamics 365 Sales, thanks to the extensions enabled by the standard EOS Platform. Such as visit reports and advanced profiling.

With an adaptation of the standard visibility management, it was possible to associate different users with different business units, so that the necessary segmentation of information was possible.

All tables with basic information have been linked with an additional table that allows to translate all data in the language set by the user.

Finally, a map visualization of the entire customer and prospect base has been developed, with the possibility to view visits in a geolocalized way.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Sales)

EOS integration Platform

Client Information

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
+ EOS integration Platform


Thanks to the solution customized by EOS, agents and managers have immediate access to all customer information, categorized and contextualized in different geographical areas. Moreover, the activity of assigning leads is fully automated.

Finally, information about customers and visits is well catalogued, easily managed by agents and analyzed by management.

- Segmented information per user
- Quality leads
- Effective customer management
- Sales performance

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