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About us

Provinco Italia is the Italian Wine Brands group company that deals with the distribution of products to wholesale customers, both nationally and internationally, with a highly specialized team. It offers a 360° service that revolves entirely around the customer: product design, production, logistics and customer care.

Provinco's mission is to create premium brands to increase customer turnover and margins. Its products, unique in style and innovation, are appreciated by consumers around the world. Each customer is offered a personalized service and a simplified purchasing process.


Provinco, supported by EOS Solutions, has migrated from NAV 2009 (in use for several years) to the latest generation Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This transition was born from the need to have a more updated and modern ERP system.

With the migration to the modern Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Provinco has taken the opportunity to review its operational flows deepening the analysis of the needs, such as having a more intuitive management system, agile for all company departments (purchases, sales, warehouse, accounting) and integrated with other Microsoft tools.


EOS Solutions proposed to Provinco the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrated by the EOS Platform and Bonus & Commissions apps. In addition, Microsoft Power BI has been installed.


Provinco has a ERP that is more up-to-date, intuitive and integrated with other Microsoft tools.

After the introduction of the new ERP, some specific needs can be managed by the customer in a more agile way, such as the management of production orders and inventories with third parties and the custom management of orders and transport costs.

Microsoft Power BI makes it possible to manage reports with the creation of customized dashboards.

Provinco has decided to migrate on Azure cloud services its installation to optimize server performance and maintenance, as well as to adopt Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement to facilitate the management of leads, opportunities and contacts to support the sales force.

Client Information

We introduced NAV in early 2000, updating it first to the 2009 version and later to 2017, which brought with it new operational features and a greater integration with the whole Microsoft world. Dynamics was also selected as group ERP.

Alessandro Mutinelli, CEO di Provinco Italia

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