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Founded in 1974 Moser is synonymous with the history of a land that gives us unique flavors such as speck, a family business that innovates without ever forgetting its tradition.


How to manage and optimize processing steps? Moser needed a solution not only for the food sector, but specifically for meat and sausage processors, capable of integrating seamlessly with departmental production software and guaranteeing quality, traceability of raw materials and efficiency. At the same time, the company wanted an integrated and innovative system for its stores, from financial management to all phases of sales.

Specific management of the processing of meat and sausages, including seasoned ones

Total management of the point of sale

The solution

EOS Solutions offered a solution that was integrated with the existing management system and specific to the industry, the FoodSuite vertical, whose apps enable the management of meat and sausage processing. With Dynamics 365 CRM, Moser improved its B2B customer relationship management. And thanks to the LS Retail platform, everything is under control at the point of sale, from economic management to sales management, from suppliers to warehousing to cash and POS management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Business Central)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

EOS FoodSuite

LS Retail


Thanks to the proposed solution, Moser easily integrated the existing management system and achieved excellent quality control and time and cost optimization. The stores dialogue with the plant, with a simple and fast management of all sales phases.

Complete management of the processing phase

Traceability and quality

Optimization of processing times and costs

Integration with departmental production software

Point of sale management

Customer loyalty

Client Information

Today the quality of products and service has no boundaries, we are able to manage in detail the processing of our products, to bring to the table the best of local tradition. Quality that we bring to those who choose our products, with a service of excellence in our stores, where everything is under control and every action is integrated with all our systems.

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