About us

Isolcell, world leader in the field of Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres, was founded over 60 years ago to offer freshness and conservation to the local product par excellence: the Trentino apple.

Since then, the company has moved from the traditional sector of fruit and vegetable preservation to countless other industrial sectors: from petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals, from electronics to shipbuilding, up to thermal treatments, fire prevention and the preservation of artistic and historical heritage.

A talent certified by more than 33 international patents and an increasingly wide range of solutions appreciated by the world market.


Such extensive and rapid growth required a management system that was up to the challenge.

The old management system was no longer able to meet the demands of planning, service and integration of useful data. Isolcell needed new digital tools and technologies for production and order management, data analysis for more efficient control of warehousing, commercial offers and the entire supply chain in general.

The Solution

The solution proposed by EOS Solutions was to integrate management functionalities with tools able to plan and forecast business developments.

The adoption of Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Engineering vertical, the solution for the "machinery and plant engineering" industry, allowed the company to standardize all processes. Planning orders, production and purchases.

The ERP system was integrated with the Power BI solution, the family of business tools to analyze data, share information, improve production, manage procurement and reduce costs through intelligent processes.

Client Information


  • Production planning
  • Purchase planning
  • Improved warehouse management through Kanban and withdrawals

Thanks to the new tools and EOS solutions adopted, today Isolcell can offer more and more quality and innovation at the best possible price.

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