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Since 1857 Birra FORST has been the soul of a company of noble traditions and a long history made of passion and authenticity. With an annual production of over 800,000 hl, Birra FORST is today the only major independent brand in Italy.


The tech evolution has given rise to an industrial reality deeply rooted in territory, but with a production capacity of national scope. Hence the need to adapt business flows and processes to the actual needs dictated by production and market. It was essentially a matter of moving from a management system fragmented into many software for different business needs, with some activities still managed in an analog way, to an homogeneous and efficient information flow between the different departments.

Modernisation and integration of all business processes


Thanks to EOS Solutions, the transition was simple, fast and effective. The entire management system has been migrated to Business Central, a fully integrated solution able to meet the specific needs of each business division: from sales to production, from GDO to customer service. This has made it possible to simplify and standardize information and to share it between departments in a unique way, avoiding its dispersion.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Business Central)

Power BI



The different business units have begun to speak the same language and to interact with each other, while processes and information flows have been standardized. The result was the immediate improvement of the performance of the entire company.

Digital transformation has made work more efficient, making it faster, more competitive, without affecting the centuries-old tradition of FORST Beer.

Simplifying the flow of information

Process improvement and standardization

Reorganisation of departments and interfaces between departments

Warehouse always updated thanks to the terminals for picking processes

Shop managed within Business Central

Distributed, unique and shared know-how across departments

Access to the ERP system remotely and through different devices

Client Information

We needed a partner to support us in the Digital Transformation journey, with a solution that could integrate all business processes and facilitate communication between departments.

Luca Amatulli, IT Manager - Birra FORST SpA

The Digital Transformation of Birra FORST involved the entire management system imposing radical choices. The migration to Business Central, integrating all departmental systems, has allowed the company to obtain great benefits both in terms of efficiency and quality.

Kurt Marschall, Consultant - EOS Solutions

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