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Colussi Group, founded in 1911, is an Italian enterprise operating in the food sector. Thanks to the constant pursuit of excellence, it has become a solid company that diversifies its activities in the field of quality food, competing successfully on the main European markets. Its activities include the production and marketing of a complete range of high quality products: pasta, rice, baked goods and pastry. The group includes 5 of the most famous brands in the Italian tradition: Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori 1832.


The Colussi Group's need to adopt a new ERP system was born from the analysis of the pre-existing infrastructure. The architecture of information systems in the company was very complex, with a lot of departmental systems and customized applications. The result was a constellation of systems, difficult to manage and maintain, as well as to adapt to the growing needs for flexibility of the company. The main objective was therefore identified in the simplification, where the ERP becomes the central core, the first pillar of this system evolution.


The best option has been identified in Microsoft Dynamics. This choice was based on the following factors: simplicity of the infrastructure as well as ease of use, of project implementation and system maintenance. Last but not least, the presence of the vertical FoodSuite, which covers specific processes and functions of Colussi's business.


The SQL SERVER database has greatly simplified the integration with business intelligence.

The usability of the graphic interface, similar to that of the Office tools: UI was immediately familiar to all users.

The adoption of the Dynamics ERP platform has 3 advantages: simplification of the infrastructure, rationalization of the processes and control of the business.

Client Information

Product Type
Pasta, rice, baked goods and pastry
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ FoodSuite

We identified EOS as the ideal partner for support in all phases of the project, from analysis to follow-up. EOS pluses include the ability to team up with the customer, short response times and above all a strong expertise on the world of FOOD.

Fabio Fossa, Business Intelligence Manager, Colussi Group Spa

The flexibility of a tool like Microsoft Dynamics and the expertise of the EOS Solutions people were decisive factors for the success of the project.

Valentina Baglioni, Information Systems, Colussi Group Spa

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