ZIPPERLE: Trasformazione Digitale di Successo con EOS Solutions e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

About us

With more than fifty employees, 60 years of experience, an industrial area of 30,000 square meters and a modern equipment system, Cartotecnica Rigon meets all packaging and papermaking requirements.

Specialized in printing and production of packaging for the food industry, the company has always offered customers unique and customized solutions.

Manufacturing focused on specific customers needs requires seamlessly integrated processes and management flows.
An interpretation of this approach for EOS Solutions has meant designing a MES solution tailored to the company, digitizing its production processes in light of specific requirements.

60 years of business
30.000 sqm
75 million packages lithographed per year


Digitize, Customize, Monitor

First of all, Cartotecnica Rigon needed a MES integrated with the management system, from which to receive production plans and through which to manage, in digital format, the entire documentation and collection of quality data.

Essential then was the ability to customize video interfaces according to workstations, and manage defined for each workstation work teams.

Finally, they needed to monitor processing times articulately and manage advances both "by sheets" and by individual items.

The Solution

The solution implemented at Cartotecnica Rigon includes the EOS Power Mes app integrated with Business Central, within which all business functions are managed.

  • A Netronic Vaps app was also installed to manage graphical scheduling of the manufacturing order.
  • The flow then involves creating production orders directly in Business Central, compiling technical data, e.g., graphics data, managing attachments, technical drawings of equipment, and the design of the print itself, which is then shared on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • The Power MES solution also allows the customization of individual workstations to suit your needs.

Client Information

Packaging and flexible displays
+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Thanks to EOS POWER MES, the management of manufacturing information is fully integrated with the system, it takes place solely on Business Central and, in the event of an update, the documentation is immediately available on the MES. All the difficulties associated with paper-based management are therefore defeated.

Quality assessment, integrated with the system, enables entirely paperless management and allows control plans to be modified easily and immediately. In addition, the customization of workstations allows their set up in complete autonomy.

Speaking of data, the adopted system allows the acquired results to be consulted directly in the system.

Last, but certainly the most important of the benefits is the scalability of the solution. The Power Mes app, in fact, is continuously growing and follows the growth of the companies.

With EOS POWER MES, nowadays our company is ready to face the future. Combining experience, quality and innovation.

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