EOS Apps Webinar

Power MES

EOS Apps Webinar

Welcome to our free webinar on EOS Power MES, tailor-made for Dynamics partners across the globe. This session is designed to provide a deep dive into the main features of the Power MES solution and its Apps Ecosystem. Our focus will be on:

  • Business Central App: Setup and Base Data
  • Power MES functionality
  • IOT Integration
Why participate?

This webinar presents a valuable opportunity to discover how EOS Power MES can revolutionize your factory operations. Our application, based on the Microsoft platform, is tailored for digitizing factory business processes with an intuitive and mobile-friendly user experience. EOS Power MES ensures stability, security, and continuous updates, enabling real-time monitoring and management of every stage of production with Business Central.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the EOS Power MES solution.
  • Learn about the integration and functionalities of the Business Central App.
  • Discover the benefits of IOT integration in manufacturing processes.
  • See how our solution can help fully digitize factory operations for improved efficiency and productivity.

* This webinar is open to Dynamics partners, conducted in English, and accessible to partners from all countries.

JULY 17, 2024 | 5:00 PM (Central European Time)

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