Accruals and Simulated General Ledger

Post simulated entries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Do you need to post entries with or without accruals, on separate tables, that do not impact on the general journal? Do you want to make interim financial statements? Would you like to take the depreciation of fixed assets into the simulated ledger? Do you need to import the simulated entries into the General Journal at the end of the fiscal year?

The Accruals and Simulated General Ledger app for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to post simulated entries linked to the chart of accounts and manage accruals and deferrals, spreading over the months, quarters, semesters, etc. portions of costs and revenues that have already had an economic-monetary manifestation (deferrals) or that have yet to have economic-monetary expression (accrued).

Thanks to the Accruals and Simulated General Ledger app you can post simulated entries that are linked to the chart of accounts, but in parallel general ledger accounts. These records have no impact on the general journal and VAT. Normally these simulations are used to generate interim financial statements, because they allow to simulate rectification and closing entries, which otherwise could only be carried out at the end of the year with the closing of the financial year.

The posting of infra-annual accruals and deferrals takes place using simulated registrations. These entries can be activated at different accounting times:

  • Posted Invoices: by indicating the competence within the posted purchase or sale invoices, the procedure for calculating the C / G sim register is automatically activated. relating to the operation
  • General Journals: indicating the accrual starting and ending date in the posting line. The purchase invoice includes, for each row, the ACCRUAL TEMPLATE fields and the ACCRUAL STARTING / ENDING DATES of the relevant period. The accrual specification in the line allows the insertion of invoices relating to costs / revenues with different periods of competence, but relating to a single economic operation
  • General Ledger Entries: the "Actions->Functions->Calculate Accruals" button allows generating the simulated entries

Main benefits for the user

  • Save time: quickly set templates related to accruals and deferrals
  • Detailed overviews: you can view the detailed simulated entries
  • Create accruals directly from General ledger entries without posting an invoice
  • Report: if you calculate the interim accruals and deferrals with the simulated, you can calculate the real balance sheet entries at 31/12 and their relative cancellation
  • Account Schedules: quick overview of the G/L entries + G/L sim. entries and generation of interim financial statements
EOS Solutions and KUMAVISION: certified competence for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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With Accruals and Simulated General Ledger for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can...

  1. set the competence dates
  2. edit an accrual template
  3. post invoices with accruals
  4. view simulated entries in Chart of Accounts


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